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QME Care

QME care in Kelso is revolutionising the way care is delivered, recorded, and monitored with their new digital care planning system, Person Centred Software. This technology is specifically designed to give caring staff more time to spend with residents, enabling users easily record and communicate medication, mood, hydration, social activities and much more. Using the Person Centred Software tools enhances the daily lives of residents, improving health and social outcomes.

This person-centred digital care system will drastically reduce the time spent on paperwork with staff now able to record and monitor care notes using digital handsets. Being fully mobile and icon-driven, the software is easy to use and could save caring staff up to three days per month on paperwork alone, allowing more time to be spent with residents.

Having launched in the UK in 2013, and internationally in Australia in 2018, Person Centred Software’s innovative technology is improving the quality of life for people in social care globally winning numerous prestigious industry awards. Forward thinking QME care aims to continually seek out the newest innovations to enhance the wellbeing, safety, quality of life and care of their residents, adapting to an ever-changing world. This is something their newly recruited Innovation and Development Lead, Rebecca Rogers feels passionate about. Rebecca says:

“The development of this new care planning system is one of many new and exciting innovative developments coming to QME care! Our team has really embraced these changes and can truly see the huge benefits to our residents by using this new software. Our quality and standards of care have significantly increased with our new Management Team approach; this is something that we are extremely proud of. We are excited to be introducing PCS in the coming weeks to help with ensuring that our Residents remain at the heart of everything we do.”