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QME Care

The original Queen’s House was established in 1954 with one residential Care Home. In 2001 a new building was developed to replace the old Queen’s House and the organisation increased from providing 20 residential rooms to 32.

In 2018 Murray House opened, shortly followed by Evanthea House in 2019. We now provide 59 residential rooms for those that live with cognitive impairment, Dementia, or those with general Nursing needs.

Our buildings have been designed and decorated utilising best practice guidelines for accommodation and design to enhance the well-being of our Residents.

Due to the changes that Queen’s House has seen over the past 20 years, we feel that now is a good time to develop our organisation further, to incorporate all parts of our home. As of June 2021, we have changed our name from Queen’s House to QME Care. (Queen’s, Murray, Evanthea)

With the recent rebranding changes, this also brings the much-awaited launch of the new QME Care Website which has been in the making for the past 7 months. We are very proud of this and will continue to develop this as time moves forward.

QME Care is going from strength to strength and continues to lead in its field of specialist care. We are always looking at innovative ways of working, continuing to challenge the norm and develop our approach.

With this in mind, we have recently recruited for two new positions to help take QME Care to the next stages and help us to achieve our goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence.

Rebecca Rogers
Innovation & Development Lead

Steven Bailey
Communication & Fundraising Lead

Our new Innovation & Development Lead will aim to achieve this by continually reviewing and implementing new national and worldwide developments in the field of Dementia Care, alongside our new Communication & Fundraising Lead to provide a fluid and consistent line of communication with the local community, our stake holders, and families.

We are unique in the Scottish Borders, being a not-for-profit charitable care home, allowing us the opportunity to continue to invest in our practice and development. Along with further expansion of our staffing teams by securing funding through grants and fundraising activities, all helping to enrich the lives of our residents and those in the community living with Dementia.

Our Chief Executive, Kelly Brown, is excited to move QME Care forward, taking our specialist experience out with our building base and into the Community, as Coronavirus restrictions ease and we see some sort of normality start to resume. Kelly says “I am passionate about person centred care. With my experience in the field of mental health and community innovative practices, I am excited about the next steps forward for our unique organisation.”