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QME Care were delighted to accept the offer from Sir Jackie Stewart to visit their award-winning nursing home while he was visiting the Scottish Borders this week.

Sir Jackie who is a globally recognised figure in the world of motor racing, also shares the passion and drive for high quality dementia care and research that is the cornerstone of QME Care’s person-centred approach. Sir Jackie was extremely complimentary in relation to the environment, staffing model, and exceptionally high standards of care that QME provides for each of their residents.

Sir Jackie attended with Bridget Barker, the Chief Executive of the charity that he founded – Race against Dementia. This charity was founded to fund pioneering research into the prevention and cure of dementia. They were welcomed by the Chief Executive of QME Care Kelly Brown, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ray Jones, and various other Board of Trustees members came along for this occasion.

There were smiles all round and Sir Jackie provided charm and laughter for residents, some of whom had met him many years ago in his racing career.