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QME Care

Award winning QME Care (Queens, Murray & Evanthea House) in Kelso are taking the lead in the social care sector by not only offering specialist Dementia nursing care, but by providing a community offering like no other to ease the pressures facing the health service.

QME Care have recently introduced their Place & Space Day Opportunities Service to enhance wellbeing and promote positive experiences for people living with Dementia, by providing activities and cognitive stimulation as well as much needed respite for carers in the community. This service also provides nurse led support and information sessions for those in the community caring for a loved one with Dementia.

QME Care has invested heavily in state-of-the-art innovative technology, systems, and materials to complement their approach to person-centred care, including the all new Tovertafel 2 projector to positively influence quality of life and enhance sensory stimulation.

The organisation continues to aim high and are currently fundraising to introduce even more community services. QME Care are working closely with other local organisations to share best practice and enhance experiences for older people and those living with Dementia.

Despite the national health crisis and the high turnover of staff that the social care sector is facing currently, QME Care has one of the highest staff retention rates in the Scottish Borders of over 96% during the last year of their 138 strong team.

CEO Kelly Brown said ‘We are passionate about creating more inclusive environments for older adults and people living with cognitive challenges, positively influencing quality of life, while taking a person-centred approach. Isolation and loneliness, and the cost-of-living crisis are high on our agenda at present and we’re working hard to extend our services out into the community so that everyone can benefit from the services that we offer. Watch this space!’

The not-for-profit independent charity are launching an Open Day on Friday 31st March 2023 1pm – 3pm to showcase the unique services they provide and everyone is invited. More information will be included in the March issue of Kelso Life which will be delivered late February.